Adult Education

We believe that maturation of faith requires lifelong spiritual inquiry. Through our adult education programs, we try to create a culture that values questions even more than answers, because we believe that God’s world is more complex than we can comprehend. Topics for our adult education programs are driven by our quest to learn more about the bible and our faith tradition, as well as to explore issues at the intersection of our faith with society and culture. Some classes are taught by experts and others are designed for peer learning.

Weekly Adult Education

Every Sunday in Fellowship Hall
Topics for this weekly class are designed to prepare people of faith for the world in which we live. In this space, we often offer series of classes on topics that engage critically with our culture, work for reconciliation in this fractured world, respond to current world events, or simply teach us to be more loving.

During the first 3 weeks of October, SPC’s Peacemaking Committee has arranged a series of fall classes that address local, national, and global issues of justice and reconciliation. For detailed descriptions of the scheduled speakers and their topics, please download the 2017 Peacemaking Speaker Series flyer.

Parenting in Faith

Selected Sundays in the Study
What difference does Christian faith make in the vocation of parenting? We invite anyone engaged in parenting to be part of this conversation in which we discuss topics and issues relevant to parenting and faith formation in today’s world.

The first series of Parenting in Faith classes will begin in November.

Bible Study

Selected Sundays in the Study
In these weekly Bible study classes, we seek to understand both what the Bible meant in its original context and what it means for us today. We will look at the following week’s lectionary texts, allowing us to live into them ahead of their place in our worship services.

During the month of October, we will offer Bible Study: Animate Practices. Bob Dawes and Matt Hartley will lead a study where we will be reflecting on the life as a church – worship, sacraments, prayer, and service – and what the Bible and theologians have to say about about these practices.

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