Swarthmore Presbyterian Nursery Day School

Swarthmore Presbyterian Nursery Day School (SPNDS) has been serving the children and families in Swarthmore and nearby communities for 65 years. The school offers young children a happy and purposeful group experience. In doing so, we work in partnership with families in nurturing each child’s development outside the home. We adhere to the developmentally appropriate practices and standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children; we have been accredited by NAEYC since 1995.

SPNDS is inclusive: children and teachers of all races and religions are welcome. Students with physical and/or developmental disabilities are accepted if the school can adequately meet their needs. Scholarships are given to children whose families need help with tuition.

We view the child as a whole, developing being. All areas of development—social, emotional, cognitive, and physical—are of equal importance. We help children express their individuality while learning to respect the rights of others.

Our teachers design their programs with the knowledge that children learn best from taking an active role in the process. Thus, much of what is provided allows the child to manipulate, discover, experience, and create. The teacher serves to guide this process by planning an environment based on the varied interests and developmental levels of each child, and by being a source of support and information.

Outdoor play is an important part of our program. The apparatus, wheel toys, and building materials are designed to develop a wide range of gross motor skills—and the playground offers the opportunity for interacting with a multi-age group of children.

We realize that families entrust their children to us at a very early age. In response to this trust, teachers endeavor to create a supportive atmosphere respectful of children’s feelings, needs, and concerns. We respect the integrity of each family with its own patterns and preferences. Our hope for our children is that they will grow to be happy, relaxed, self-confident people who are eager to learn.

Nursery Day School Director

Job Description (Read below or download a pdf Here)


For over 65 years, Swarthmore Presbyterian Nursery Day School (SPNDS), a well-established program of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church (SPC), has been sharing learning joy with children in Swarthmore and nearby communities through its nonreligious curriculum and play-based approach to preschool education.

SPNDS welcomes all students regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds, and offers scholarships to families with financial need. Students with special needs are accepted if the school can adequately support them.

Accredited as a high-quality preschool program by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the SPNDS curriculum encourages the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of each child.

Position Summary:

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church is seeking a new Director to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Nursery Day School. The SPNDS Director is a full-time position with flexible summer hours.


The primary responsibilities of the Swarthmore Presbyterian Nursery Day School Director are to:

  1. Serve as educational and philosophical leader of the school community, including:
  • Guiding the implementation of the school philosophy.
  • Directing and supervising all staff, children, and programs (preschool, kindergarten complement, special interest areas, and Extended Day).
  • Mentoring staff, advising and guiding their professional development. Communicate and encourage participation in relevant educational courses, seminars, conferences, and trainings available for professional growth.
  • Conducting monthly staff meetings.
  • Working with staff when evaluating children and conferring with parents.
  • Evaluating the suitability of SPNDS for children with special needs. Support families if inclusion is suitable and attend IEP and behavior team meetings as necessary.
  • Conducting formal and informal staff evaluations.
  • Hiring and dismiss staff as necessary.
  • Communicating effectively with parents – utilizing appropriate technology – through application, acceptance, and admissions materials, newsletters, special events publications, and other relevant and timely information.
  • Communicating with the community and organizations through attractive promotional materials.
  • Implementing ways to strategically market and promote SPNDS as the nursery school of choice for families with pre-school age children.
  1. Provide day-to-day operational and administrative management of the school, including:
  • Overseeing the general care and availability of classrooms, equipment, materials and supplies.
  • Maintaining school records (student files, family financial records, staff files, administrative and historical records)
  1. Work closely with the SPNDS Advisory Committee in
  • Collaborating with the Chair of the Advisory Committee to prepare the agenda and reports for each meeting, providing administrative support when necessary.
  • Operating SPNDS in accordance with the Policies and Procedures developed by the Advisory Committee, assessing whether they are consistent with SPC Policies and Procedures wherever applicable.
  • Monitoring and maintaining responsibility for the financial health of SPNDS, with the support of the Treasurer of the Advisory Committee and SPC Business Office, as well as the SPC Finance Committee.
  • Actively encouraging, promoting, supporting, and working with the Advisory Committee to facilitate fundraising activities.
  • Working with the Chair and Treasurer to award scholarships.
  • Serving as a non-voting member of the Advisory Committee.
  1. Assure compliance with NAEYC and state regulations by
  • Generating yearly reports to keep the NAEYC abreast of the school’s status.
  • Preparing for 5-year reaccreditations by completing required paper work, evaluating the over-all program, providing documentation, and guiding the staff in self-study.
  • Ensuring adherence to and compliance with state and local licensing requirements.
  1. Work collaboratively with Swarthmore Presbyterian Church staff including
  • Attending SPC staff meetings – held weekly – as often as appropriate or as determined by the Head of Staff
  • Maintaining regular communication with SPC Business Office as needed
  • Insuring that SPNDS Policies and Procedures are consistent with those of SPC.
  • Working with SPC Facilities Manager to communicate and address building needs and issues, both routine and emergent.
  1. Fulfill additional duties as assigned.

Reporting Relationship:

The Nursery Day School Director reports to the Pastor/Head of Staff of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church.

Position Requirements:

  • Proven experience as a preschool/nursery school director or equivalent role.
  • Meets qualifications for a NAEYC program administrator.
  • Master of Arts in early childhood education, child development, or elementary education preferred. Bachelor of Arts in the same required.
  • Outstanding administrative, leadership, and time management abilities.
  • Team player with colleagues and volunteers.


Benefits for this position include paid time off, retirement plan enrollment, and medical coverage options.

To apply:

Interested candidates should supply the following materials by Thursday, March 1:

·         Cover letter

·         Resumé

·         Proof of PA Teacher Certifications

·         Three (3) references

Submit applications to:

Beth Stransky


c/o Swarthmore Presbyterian Church

727 Harvard Avenue

Swarthmore, PA 19081

Contact Information

Cathy Conahan
SPNDS Interim Director
727 Harvard Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Phone: 610-543-2861