Memorial Services

Memorial Reception

You are invited to have your memorial reception in Fellowship Hall after the service. Although families are responsible for providing food with help from friends or a caterer, hospitality is provided by SPC’s “Marthas,” volunteers from our church family who will help you with the reception. They were named in honor of Jesus’ friend Martha, who showed him warm hospitality.

We know that the reception becomes an important part of the mourning process and often turns into a meaningful reunion of family members and friends. The Marthas set up before the reception, arrange the buffet tables for food and beverages, serve during the event, and clean up afterward. They also provide hot and cold beverages, including coffee and tea, lemonade, cider or iced tea, and water. The church provides linens, paper napkins, candles, silver service, punch bowls, service plates, and cups and saucers.

After consulting with the church office (610-543-4712) or one of the pastors to arrange for the memorial service and deciding to have a reception in Fellowship Hall, the pastor will contact a Martha to work directly with you on the arrangements.

Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden was created for rest, meditation, prayer, and the interment of cremated remains of active and former members and clergy who have been active in our congregation. This beautiful spot is located next to the church and adjacent to the Church Garden and is designed as a special resting place for the mortal remains of those whose spirit has been received into God’s eternal care. We hope that our Memorial Garden provides comfort to the bereaved by keeping the memory of loved ones alive in the place where they worshipped God and experienced the joy of shared life in the community of faith.

Interment & Markers

Remains may be poured or scattered in the Memorial Garden or interred in a biodegradable container. Although interment locations may be chosen by the family, they will not be recorded or marked.

In keeping with the spirit of the Memorial Garden, all markers will be brass plaques of the same design, placed on the memorial wall of names. Each marker will include name and years of birth and death. No titles will be included. SPC will arrange for opening the interment site as well as ordering and installing the marker.

Regulations for the Administration of the Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden Rules and Application

For additional information, please contact the church’s business office at 610-543-4712, which is responsible for processing applications and fees.

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  4. Personnel Committee

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