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Shawl Ministry

The Shawl Ministry at SPC was started in April of 2003 when an article appeared in The Inquirer about a group of knitters who had been inspired to knit shawls for those in need. The group's website ( had patterns and prayers to give new groups a start. SPC now has more than 40 women who have contributed to the Shawl Ministry. Some enjoy knitting or crocheting together; some work independently; some are church members; some are friends from outside the church. 

Twice a year we dedicate our shawls during a worship service. Since its inception in 2003 we have given over 600 shawls to individuals in need of something warm and soft to remind them they are held in prayer. Sometimes we know the person who receives one of our shawls. Often we don't. Many are delivered by church members to friends, relatives, and colleagues; others are given to hospices and cancer centers.

With every shawl we send loving thoughts and prayers to those in need of comfort and a hug. On each shawl is a tag that reads "Knitted for you with love and prayers from Swarthmore Presbyterian Church." Each shawl is delivered with a card containing a picture of our shawls draped over the church's Chancel rail and a prayer for comfort - you can view the prayer below.

If you know someone who could use one of our shawls, please contact the church at 610-543-4712.
Knitting these shawls brings us joy. Giving one away brings us even greater joy. All you need to do is ask. 

Joining SPC's Shawl Ministry 
For the most part, volunteers work on their own time.  But we will happily find a mentor/partner for anyone who wishes to work in community.  Patterns are available at the Shawl Ministry website; hard copies can be found on the bulletin board outside the church office. Finished work can be brought to the church office at any time. Our pastors, in collaboration with deacons and input from members that pass on concerns, ensures that shawls get to those who will benefit from their warmth. Please contact the church office if you are interested in joining the Shawl Ministry.
Prayer of Blessing © 2003 (blessing for a completed shawl) 

May God's grace be upon this shawl...
warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing. 
May this mantle be a safe haven... 
a sacred place of security and well being...
sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones. 
May the one who receives this shawl be cradled in hope,
kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.