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727 Harvard Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081
(610) 543-4712
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McQuade Library
McQuade Library is one of the more inviting spaces at Swarthmore Pres. and the home of a wonderful collection of faith-related books. We feature both contemporary works and the classics, which can be checked out. McQuade Library is located in the Loeffler Chapel hallway. 

A new and wonderful addition!
The most recent addition to the McQuade Library is a 7-volume reproduction of The Saint John's Bible.  
Gifted to SPC by member Grant Grissom, in loving memory of his wife, Gay Grissom, The Saint John's Bible is a remarkable work of art that illuminates the text of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible using the age old craft of calligraphy, quilted skillfully with and through modern digital imagery.  You are invited to view the pages of The Saint John's Bible and read about it's development on the website created for this purpose:
The Saint John's Bible.  

Borrowing Procedure 
1. Please CLEARLY write your name, phone number, and today's date on the card in the back of the book.
2. Place the card in the small box on the library table.
3. All books are due back in one month.  

If you wish to keep a book longer, you may renew it simply by leaving a note in the box on the library table.

Returning Books
Please do not put books back on the shelf when you return them. Return them to the larger, book-return box on the library table. 

Children's Library
The children's library is upstairs right next to McCahan Hall. Each child needs a library card to check out materials. Anyone is welcome simply to sit in this warm sunny place to read.  Please email Children's Ministry Coordinator Ashley Charles at if you need a library card. 

How to check out books
1. Using the computer in the children's library, locate the 'Self Check' screen.
2. Type in your library card's ID number and press enter, then type in the card's password and press enter.
3. Click 'Check Out'.
4. Enter the barcode number from your book and press enter. Repeat this step for all books to check out.
5. Click 'Done'.

How to return books
The process is the same as checking books out, only select 'Check In' instead of 'Check Out' on the computer.

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