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Annual Pledges
Swarthmore Presbyterian Church’s annual budget supports all of our programs and ministries. The budget is funded by a variety of different sources. Investment income from endowment funds, rental of space to outside users, fundraisers—all of these are important. However, the vast majority comes from contributions from members and friends. Every gift truly matters, however large or small. 

Making a Pledge
Each year in the fall, members of the congregation are invited to make a pledge for the coming year, indicating their level of financial commitment. This allows the Session of the church to prepare the annual budget, based on a reasonable expectation of income for the next year. Pledge amounts are kept confidential. If you would like to make a pledge, click here. (link to making a pledge under Ways to Give) or contact the Finance office at

Special Offerings
Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Offerings
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has created church-wide opportunities each year called Special Offerings to support specific causes. The focuses of the offerings correspond with the season of the liturgical year or special days of the church calendar: the Christmas Joy Offering is generally received the Sunday before Christmas; One Great Hour of Sharing on or near Easter Sunday; and the Peacemaking Offering on World Communion Sunday. All the ministries supported by these offerings represent priorities lifted up by the denomination.

SPC participates in the following three special offerings of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Appropriate links are given below to information on the PC (USA) website. Special offering envelopes are available in the church pews at the appropriate times of the year.

Christmas Joy Offering
The Christmas Joy Offering has been a Presbyterian tradition for more than 70 years. Its proceeds benefit active and retired workers of the church in times of need and also support the work of racial ethnic Presbyterian schools and colleges. 

One Great Hour of Sharing
Since 1949 One Great Hour of Sharing has helped people in need around the world. The offering supports Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Self-Development of People and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

Peacemaking Offering
The Peacemaking Offering is distributed among local congregations (25 percent), presbyteries and synods (25 percent) and the General Assembly (50 percent) for peacemaking efforts. The offering is usually dedicated on World Communion Sunday, the first Sunday in October.

Endowment Gifts
An endowed gift is an investment in the future of SPC — a gift that the church holds in perpetuity. The goal is to ensure that the principal maintains its value over time, and SPC has adopted a spending policy to support this goal. Our endowments support many areas important to the church, and donors may designate a gift toward a specific purpose, or send an unrestricted gift that the Session may designate.
   Second Century Endowment Fund: supports the annual operating budget which in turn supports outreach giving, worship & music, ministers and staff.
   Outreach Funds: Hunger, World Mission, general outreach
   Building Preservation 

Please be in touch with the Finance Office to learn more.

Bequests & Planned Giving 
Planned Giving encompasses a full menu of estate planning scenarios, but in its most basic form it is either a bequest or a life income gift.

A Bequest
A bequest is a gift by will of a percentage or specific dollar amount of the donor's estate to a charitable organization such as Swarthmore Presbyterian Church. An addendum to your existing will, or a provision in a newly created one, stipulating a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate, is all that is required. Lawyers are very experienced at including these provisions.

A Life Income Gift
A life income gift is created when a donor contributes assets (cash, long term appreciated securities, real estate) to the Presbyterian Foundation to fund a charitable trust or an annuity. The donor and, possibly, a second beneficiary, receive income from the Foundation, as Trustee of their gift, for their lifetime(s). At the death of the income recipient(s), remaining principal is distributed to SPC for the purpose defined when the gift was made. Importantly, the donor may take a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift based on the age of the beneficiary(ies), the amount given and the specific planned gift.

Historically, planned gifts have made it possible for our church to pay for some extraordinary projects, such as the renovation of Loeffler Chapel, the purchase of the SPC bus, and the restoration of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary. If you have an interest in creating a bequest or a life income gift, please contact the Finance Office at 610-543-4712 x121 or

Honorary & Memorial Gifts 
Memorial funds may be established by a person or family in memory of their loved one. Donations to these funds are a wonderful way to honor the memory of friends or family members. In the past, these funds have contributed to a wide array of projects in our church, as varied as assisting in the renovation of Loeffler Chapel, addressing hunger in our communities, and providing outreach around the world. Our pastors and staff work with families, individuals and each of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church's ministries to create a meaningful, satisfying match of your gifts with the needs of the church and our congregation.

If you would like to find out more about how you might contribute to the church in memory of someone dear to you, please start by contacting one of our pastors (610-543-4712) or our Finance Manager (610-543-4712 x121 or We will be happy to answer your questions, listen to your wishes, and provide further information.

Donation of Goods
See separate webpage, Donations of Goods.

Fall Fair
See separate page, Fall Fair Donations.

Types of Gifts
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