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Overview of Annual Giving
The objective of this web page is to give members and non-members of the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church some basic information regarding financial stewardship. The information is organized as follows:

Role of annual giving
Program priorities
Stewardship pledge forms
Year-end contributions
Tax forms
Answers to questions

Members of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church who have requested and received access to the SPC Member Website can view the more detailed Annual Giving Member Page.  Instructions for getting access to the SPC Member Website may be found on our Member Login page.

Role of Annual Giving
Annual Giving is the foundation upon which the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church builds its program plan each year to sustain its mission. Contributions fund 85% of annual expenditures and annual pledges account for 97% of contributions. The Church supports the remaining 15% of its program from fundraising activities, which are designed to engage both the membership and the broader community, and from its endowment.

The Annual Giving Campaign supports the budgeted programs; however, the Church’s mission extends beyond the budgeted commitments. These non budgeted programs and initiatives provide further opportunities for giving.

Program Priorities
Typically, the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church funds its commitment to its mission in the following percentages:

Outreach                                 31%
Ministry and Worship                48%
Christian Education                  21%
Total                                      100%

In addition, the Church supports a largely self funded Nursery Day School which is non-denominational and which is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  If included in the summary above, it would represent approximately 29% of total program expenditure. Further information regarding the Church’s various programs is available by accessing the appropriate selection from the menu at the upper left hand corner of this page.

Stewardship Pledge Forms
Stewardship Pledge Forms are available on line, and those who may wish to make a contribution may do so one of two ways:

1.Mail-In - Anyone wishing to make a pledge may obtain the Stewardship Pledge Form (requires Adobe Reader), print the page, complete the form and mail the form to Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, 727 Swarthmore Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 to the attention of Jennifer Vincent, Finance Manager.  

2.On-Line – An Online Stewardship Pledge Form is available for those who wish to complete the form and submit it online.

In either case, the finance office will hold pledge information in confidence.

Year-End Contributions
To be eligible for a tax deduction for contributions in a particular year, all contributions must be received by the Church or postmarked by December 31 of that year. The Church Office closes at noon on December 31 or, if December 31 falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the Office closes on the prior Friday at noon.  

Certain rules apply for donations of securities:

1. A gift is considered complete on the date of delivery to the Church Office or of the postmark if the security(securities) is(are) delivered or mailed with the appropriate forms and signature verification.

2.If a gift is delivered to an agent, it is not considered complete until the stock is transferred to the Church’s account. This process can take weeks, so careful planning is important.

Please refer to the Other Ways to Give page for more detailed information on donations of securities.

Tax Forms and Other Contribution Information
At the end of each calendar year, the Church’s Finance Manager provides each contributor or contributing family unit with a statement that documents the contribution to support a deduction for income tax return purposes. Each contributor or contributing family unit receives a quarterly contribution statement which is typically available in the lobby of Fellowship Hall each Sunday a few weeks following each quarter end. The Finance Manager mails these forms to those contributors who do not collect their statements in person within a few weeks of their availability.

Answers to Questions
Jennifer Vincent, Finance Manager for the Church, is available to respond to questions. Her telephone number is 610-543-4712, extension 121 and her email address is
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